At Apostle Highlands Weddings, one of our highest priorities is to assist you with the planning process so that you can have a relaxing, stress-free, and unforgettable wedding day.  We're always eager to help in any way and answer questions in a phone call, but besides the information on this site we also have some of the most commonly-asked questions listed below.  Many of these questions are ones that have been asked by our brides.  We will continue to add them as they are asked…Happy reading!


When is the best time to plan to have a wedding?

Peak season at AHW is May through October, when weather is most likely to cooperate.   Weddings in the other months here in the Northland simply require more creativity and planning!

Can we bring our own photographer?

Absolutely!  Be sure to arrange time when we can meet with them so they can be ready to get the best photos possible.  If you need us to recommend a photographer, we have a wonderful list of suggested local photographers that you may choose to work with. 

How long should our photos take?

The bottom line is this.  This is your day.  Make absolutely sure that you take way too many pictures…after all, it's not like you can easily re-create the situation, to pick up shots you wished you had taken.  Find a photographer that makes you feel quite at home, one who is willing to accommodate you!  You don't want to look back in 20 years and wish you had asked them to take more photos…so this one is up to you.  Excellent photographers already understand this.  When you find the right one, you will feel it.  Also, our venue is absolutely gorgeous.  Take a good look around when you come to visit, and don't be shy about asking if you see somewhere you know you want pictures.

What is your reservation policy?

Well, the bottom line is if there isn't anyone else scheduled for your particular day, it's yours.  However, we do have an agreement that we both sign just to make sure it's officially yours, when you are ready.  All of our rate sheets and agreement forms are guidelines, and each wedding and requirements for each wedding will be different, so we will work together to make it read as it should for your event.  Generally speaking, if you book your date somewhere between a year to a year and a half away, you will have the best chance of getting your date.

Once we decide the date and sign the contract, how do we go about paying?

This will be ultimately up to you.  If you want to pay everything up front, that is fine.  If  you prefer to work out a monthly arrangement, that is just fine as well.  We don't have guidelines set in cement for payment, because each wedding and budget is different.  Tell us what you need to best work for your situation, and we will be happy to work it out.

Does your site fee include all reception rental items, such as the  tables, chairs, linens?

Our site fees include use of and set up of tables, chairs, bride's changing room, restrooms, applicable venues and staffing to ensure a safe and quality event.  Special items, such as flowers, linens, decorations, and the like are not included.

How many people can AHW accommodate?

Our Reception Hall and our Patio Venues can each accommodate 150 comfortably. 

Do you offer any sort of arch that we can decorate and use for our wedding?

Yes.  We have a beautiful wooden arch that you can use.  We do not charge for it  for use here at our facility.  You can decorate it as you wish.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

No.  State law prevents this from being possible.  See statement below from Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

"Corkage Fees: Wisconsin alcohol beverage law does
not allow “corkage fees” – fees charged by restaurant
owners to allow patrons to carry in their own alcohol
beverages to be consumed on the premises.
If the restaurant does have an alcohol beverage license,
the only alcohol beverages allowed on the premises are
those which the retailer has purchased from a licensed
Wisconsin wholesaler; the retailer is required to have
invoices from the wholesaler showing what product the
retailer has purchased from the wholesaler."

What about caterers, do you know of any good ones?

Yes.  Just tell us about the style of your wedding and we can happily suggest a caterer that we know well that will do an excellent job.

So you allow any caterer..or just the ones you mention on  your website?

We do not restrict you from using your own caterer, just as long as they meet ours and state's health and safety requirements.

How much does a plated meal cost for my wedding, and is it per person, or by the event?

Well, most meals are quoted on a cost per plate basis.  It's also very subjective, but for the sake of discussion, very nice plated meals can be done for $30-$50 per plate.  Of course, you can spend much more…details do matter when it comes to catering but we see a lot of excellent meals for this price range.  On the other hand, banquet style meals can be done for $15 and higher, depending on details yet again.  The bottom line is, there is no set hard and fast rule for how much you have to spend, that is up to each individual bride and groom.  There is no right or wrong answer.  We have seen per person costs from $15 on up to $75.  It's up to you.  We are happy to help with all details.

Besides golfing, are there other things to do in the area?

Absolutely!  There's lots to do here (especially excellent golf here at our venue)  for additional entertainment such as massages, sea kayaking, fishing, sailing, cruises, etc.  Ask your event contact.

Do you host rehearsal dinners?

Yes.  Depending on the situation, we may have to charge for use of the facility if such use would mean that we couldn't use the facility for a wedding that day.  Every situation is different, so if you would like to do a rehearsal dinner the night before, please do not hesitate to ask.  We will try to work something out.